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stunning aerial filming

Using the small and versatile „filmfliege“, an optically equipped octocopter, it's possible to create stunning bird's eye view aerial photography and intriguing camera shots. What's more: the camera drone is more flexible than a crane and quieter than a helicopter.

„Filmfliege“ is a service provider for film and media industry, as well as for private and business clients. From short movies and motion pictures to commercials or internet presence: its film and photo footage can be used in many different areas.

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the world from above.

  • easy and quick installation
  • tracking of moving objects possible
  • can be used in difficult-to-access terrain
  • 360° camera movement
  • can be used in closed buildings
  • lightweight construction guarantees long uninterrupted time of flying
  • solid construction offers a revenue load up to 2,5 kg
  • compared to a crane or helicopter it's more agile and quieter

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„Filmfliege“ is on duty...

  • in movie and media industry
  • for private and business clients
  • for events and sports
  • in production of music videos
  • in tourism and communites
  • for inspection flights
  • in nature photography
  • for real estate, architecture and maintenance

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a bird's perspective.

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Yves Raynaud, born in 1975, lives and works in Stuttgart. From a longstanding passion for photography and movies as well as his vast experience in model flight stems the idea of creating images and film with an original point of view by using an aerial filming platform. Raynaud works with Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 60D and Sony HDR CX 730E.


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Tell me about your project, and I'll gladly take the time to advise you without obligation. Feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward to meet you. Sincerely, Yves Raynaud